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Transfusion Centers

In all matters administrative, technical and scientific, Transfusion Centers of the Acıbadem Healthcare Group report to Labmed Clinical Laboratories.All works is carried out in accordance with standards as outlined in the National Guidelines for Blood and Blood Products. All testing is carried out in using the internationally recognized golden standart “Gel Centrifugation Method” for antibody screening, antibody identification, weak and variant D, A1 –H Lectin, cold aglutinine, isohaemaglutinine, Rh subgroup and antigen profile testing in addition to routine tests such as blood typing, cross match and direct coombsResults are obtained through dual analyses and dual approvals in the blood group and crossmatch tests. 

Consultancy, with detailed information provided, is offered in those cases where inconsistencies may be encountered in test results. Run through a semi-automated system, results of immunohaematological tests are automatically transferred by the apparatus – visually - to an automation program which is common to all transfusion center’s. The patient’s past test and transfusion information can be viewed over this software. In addition to the daily internal quality control procedures in place for immunohaematological tests, the transfusion center is also party to quarterly DGKL / IM and UK-NEQAS external quality controls.

All blood and blood product requirements of Acıbadem Healthcare Group Hospital patient’s are, in accordance with applicable legal codes, supplied by Regional Blood Center’s. In the event that blood products can not be obtained through Regional Blood Center’s, the full range of blood compounds such as whole blood, erythrocyte suspensions, thrombocyte suspensions, apheresis products, fresh frozen plasma, and cryoprecipitates are duly prepared upon receival from appropriate donors. For those special patients (i.e. intrauterine, immunosuppressive, pediatric age group) washing, filtration, radiation, volume reduction and product consolidation is made in accordance with the indications for such and, if so required, consultation is provided in terms of their application. Blood products from the donor to the patient are kept under record and under controlled conditions both in-hospital and inter-hospital, and the whole process is closely monitored.

Our transfusion center holds TS EN ISO 15189, TÜRKAK accreditations for immunohaematological testing.Our testing list is continually updated. The most recently updated test list can be viewed on the web site.