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About Us and ISO 15189 Standarts

About Us and ISO 15189 Standarts
ISO 15189 standards are fundamentally based on both ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 standards. These standards set forth the requirements in laboratory safety measures as well as the accuracy and quality demanded of clinical staff in the care and treatment of patients. The assesments of clinical perfection and the ensuing confirmation and recognition of quality management systems as developed by Acıbadem Labmed Clinical Laboratories, resulted in the awarding of Turkey’s ISO 15189 accreditation in October 2005.

Accreditation is the process in which official recognition is presented to either a person or an institution in recognition of competency or perfection in the performance of identified tasks. In recognition of our understanding in laboratory services and continuous development, we were certified by the DACH, or Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Chemie, in 2005 as Turkey’s laboratory accreditted in accordance with ISO 15189 standards. As the ISO 15189 was little known in our country at the time, our laboratory organised a number of symposia and various meetings to introduce the standards purposes and scope, thereby initiating our nation’s tradition of Quality Management In Laboratories. Our journey in this matter continues with further re-accreditation in 2010 by the Turkish Accreditation Institution or TÜRKAK’s presenting to us the TS EN ISO 15189 standards. Acıbadem LabMed Clinical Laboratories commits itself to continuously improve its services and makes the necessary arrangements to eliminate any issues which may arise in order to achieve this end. Laboratory processing phases have been designed in accordance with test results to be received by our patients’ being reported in the highest possible order of reliability. Quality control and calibration programs are implemented at regular intervals. Our institution applies quality assurance programs such as Lean and 6 Sigma, it also provides support services to further its’ employees career and personnal capabilities and strives for perfection. It does not only view its services as laboratory services and is aware of the importance of producing new scientific information; supports academic activity, and supports both its own scientific research teams as well as those of other university’s and institutions in the use of its proprietary technical infrastructure and staff.Our institution strives to further develop methodology, laboartory medicine and laboratory quality.